Lenovo Laptops Issues And Fixes

Most of the Lenovo laptops users have complained about using it when they have upgraded to windows 10. Problems arise in the laptop with a webcam, keyboard, touchpad, cursor and many more things. They are also problems during setup or configuration of the printer with the Lenovo laptop device. In this article, I will discuss some problems and fixes of Lenovo laptops.  After failing driver installation, Lenovo laptop will not boot-  If any user is facing this problem with their Lenovo device and the booting process is going beyond the display of the Lenovo logo, most probably is the problem with the software related. If the issue appears after a failed driver installation, you should login in safe mode and immediately remove the problematic driver. To fix the issues, windows recovery option can also be chosen. Here are some troubleshooting steps which can be followed to fix the problems-  If you have the booting process for more than two times into the windows environment, windows 10 will provide you with the windows recovery option- 

1.       After entering the windows recovery environment, select the troubleshoot option. 

2.       In the next following screen, select advanced options.

  3.       Select startup settings in the advanced options screen.

  4.       After it, select restart in the next screen. 

5.       Now press F4 to enter safe mode in the startup settings screen.

  6.       Now you have reached to safe mode and you need to uninstall the problematic driver.

  7.       In the search box, type device manager.

  8.       From the list of results select device manager and directly go to the problematic device driver.

  9.      After selecting the device you have to click uninstall.

  10.    Now you can restart your laptop device.

After performing an installation of Windows 10 on your Lenovo laptop, an activation error occurs-  If y7ou want to free up gradation to windows 10, you need to upgrade your system from windows 8 or 8.1 to windows 10. Using any other method for installing windows 10 will not recognize the windows key as valid and legal. The reason behind it is that when you upgrade your system from windows 8 to windows 10, your windows key product is upgraded automatically. If you have successfully upgraded your system only in that case you can perform a clean install and it could be possible to successfully upgrade it.  Web camera is not working after windows 10 upgrade- 

To fix this problem, you can follow these steps- 
1.       In the search box type device manager
2.       From the list of device select device manager. 
3.       Go to the imaging devices in the device manager and now you will see a yellow exclamation mark for Lenovo easy camera that will point a driver issue. 
4.       You will have to visit  https://lenovosupport.org/lenovo-customer-support/, and you can get more info here for how to download Lenovo easy camera drivers. 
5.       Download driver setup files and follow the screen instruction to install Lenovo easy camera device. 
6.       After the installation process, click Finish. 
7.       Now you can start your laptop.  Most probably the above tips will gradually solve your windows 10 issue with your Lenovo laptop. If not, kindly visit this https://lenovosupport.org/about-lenovo/ for getting and instant support and help regarding your Lenovo laptop or other Lenovo devices.    

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